Hello. My name is Celina Hansen. Welcome to my page.

A few months ago, I moved from a small town just outside of Houston, Texas to an even smaller town near Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of the things I didn’t think about when I was first looking to move was my cable subscription for television and the internet. I mean, come on, that’s a pretty small apple in my cart when it comes to moving! Since moving here, though, I have been struggling to decide what to do about my cable subscription. There really aren’t a lot of options out here for me to consider in the first place.

I did pretty much enjoy cable when I was still in Texas, but I hear it runs pretty slow here. Something about the wires needing to be updated or something. I have been researching other options, as well, such as DSL, Fiber Optic, and Satellite in my area, but am not quite set on what I should do yet. I figure there are others that have found themselves in my situation, so I thought I would share my research here on the blog for others to read. Maybe it will help them decide what to do too.

If you have any ideas on what I should do, feel free to Contact me. I would love to hear your input!