Other Internet Options

When it comes to an Internet connection, there are a few options I have yet to discuss. I am not personally considering any of these options, but you, my reader, may want to for whatever reason.


If you live in a rural area, a satellite may be your only choice for the Internet. Unfortunately, satellite Internet is typically more expensive than your other choices and slower. It does free up your landline, though, and will often work better than dial-up ever did. This post is brought to you by the best tree service near me in Johns Creek GA.

Hotspots and tethering

Do you prefer not to use traditional Internet providers? If so, you could instead use your smartphone’s cellular data connection to get connected to the Internet. You can do this by making your cell phone off mobile hotspot or by tethering your cell phone to your computer by using a USB cable. This method really only works if you use a minimal amount of web browsing and email since it takes from your cell phone’s data allotment. Honestly, I would only use this option if I were desperate.

Mobile broadband

Some wireless carriers offer Internet services through mobile broadband. This is a lot like using the data service on your smartphone since it connects you to the Internet through cellular networks. Unlike your cell phone, though, it uses a wireless modem or hotspot to connect to you.

Using a mobile broadband package is a lot like your cell phone plan. Each month, you pay a connection fee for your device and for how many gigabytes you plan to use that month. Many people add mobile broadband to their current cell phone package to try to get a better deal. Regardless, mobile broadband is not one of the more affordable options. One of the popular mobile broadband providers currently offers a 2 GB plan that runs around $40 a month. This is a lot more expensive in comparison with fiber optic Internet, DSL, and cable Internet, especially since they typically do not limit how much data you can use monthly. On the other hand, though, mobile broadband allows you to take your Internet connection with you wherever you go.