The Down Low on DSL Internet

DSL, or digital subscriber line, is a kind of technology that is used to send digital data through telephone lines. DSL is often known as ADSL or asymmetric digital subscriber line. This is because it is the most common type of DSL technology used for Internet access. You can use the same telephone line for your wired telephone service and Internet at the same time. The reason you can do this is because the frequency bands of DSL is higher for data. A DSL filter must be put on the customer’s premises to allow customers to use the DSL service alongside the voice service since it can block interferences that are high-frequency.

DSL is one of the slowest options when it comes to broadband. The guys over at Columbia Md Moving Company had this in the past, and now they have cable internet. The DSL download speeds generally start out around 1 Mb per second. This can be good for simple tasks like email and web browsing. You can also get DSL at 6 to 7 Mb per second if you are into basic video streaming and music. If you have several devices, though, your video streams could be a little slow over Wi-Fi if they are high-definition. A few DSL providers offer speed tiers of 12 Mb per second all the way up to 45 Mb per second.

Unfortunately, when it comes to DSL service, even the fastest and most expensive option is typically slower than the cheapest and slowest fiber optic or cable option. Most cable Internet packages will start at 15 Mb per second while your options and fiber optics start off at around 25 Mb per second. With the price of DSL, cable, and fiber optics being around the same amount, fewer people are choosing DSL for their Internet because of the speed.

With that said, there are a few pros to having DSL is your Internet provider. For one, DSL is widely available. You can find it almost anywhere you go. It is also relatively affordable. On the downside, though, DSL is much slower than fiber optics and cable. In fact, studies show that download speeds are usually slower than what our advertised.

DSL is not my first option because of the speed. I enjoy being able to use several devices to stream high-definition videos.